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Tips to win the trust of our customers

It is essential for the brands themselves, and for us as professionals, to have the approval of their audience, of their community. Clients need to feel safe so that they can trust the brand, and it will be they who decide whether to grant the brand that trust or not based on how the brand behaves with customers.

The brand needs customers to trust them for which it is necessary to create a quality relationship between user and brand.

But how do we do it?

1. Share quality content

Yes, the content is the King. We must strive to give our audience what it demands, quality content Thanks to this content we can create a very important engagement with our audience, which will positively value the contributions we make. In addition, the relevant content will position us as influential within our market niche, coming to us when users demand certain types of information.

2. Listen to what the audience wants

Before speaking, we must listen to what our community demands of us. It is necessary to make the audience feel that we are there for them, that we are interested in what they have to tell us and that we try to follow their guidelines. We cannot generate any trust without showing that we are attentive to them, that they are the reason we are in Social Media.

3. Talk to them with sincerity

The Community Manager is responsible for creating that trust in the community. To do this, you should not only listen, but talk with your community. A close and sincere attitude is essential when it comes to addressing our followers, as well as establishing a two-way communication channel that allows our community to communicate directly with us. It is necessary that we be able to hold a conversation openly and in an affable way, so we will make the audience closer than we do.

4. If you ask us, let's answer

One of the reasons why users contact us through social networks is because it is a channel where they can contact the brand immediately, in fact, that is what the user expects from us, a Quick and direct response. Not giving it to users is disappointing their expectations. For this reason, it is necessary that if any user asks us a question on any of the platforms in which we are present, we will respond.

5. Let's be credible.

Let's offer credibility from the beginning. That is the basis of trust. We must show that we are confident in the development of our work and in the professional environment in which we move. For this it is very important to have a good reputation .

6. The customer is always our priority.

Surely, we have all heard that the customer comes first. It is true. To gain your trust we need to demonstrate continuously with an excellent treatment towards him, offering an excellent product or service and solving any problem arising from our management or the product itself. It is necessary to show him that, above all, it is the center, and we revolve around it.

7. Assume our mistakes.

We are not perfect. The human being is wrong, but, contrary to what many companies do, if we make a mistake we must humbly accept it by apologizing if appropriate and explaining what has happened, what has caused the error and what we do to solve it.

8. Meet our client.

We cannot offer someone something that does not interest them. For this reason, we must know the audience very well to know what we can offer. Knowing our audience will help us adopt strategies to better reach it.

These and other practices favor the client trusting us, but would you add any more?

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