• Priyash Nigam

Some guidelines to create social media strategy

Before buying a computer, we need to know its characteristics to make sure that the machine we acquire is going to be the right one for us. The Social Media is exactly the same, before entering social media have to think about what it is we want.

If our intention is to enter Social Networks to do so in an organized way with an absolute knowledge of what we are doing, knowing in advance what the steps we are going to take at each moment, what actions we are going to take.

1. Define your business: stop for a moment and analyze what you are going to sell to other users. Think about your niche and describe your product or service in a simple phrase, understandable to everyone, now and within ten years.

2. Listen carefully: once done the above and made clear what we are within our niche, you have to find out what people think and say about your brand, either directly or indirectly. For this there are many tools but do not obsess with them, they are a help for you but they don't do the job for you.

3. Mark your goals: Without goals no matter how good your strategy is,you are doomed to the absolute failure. If you think about it, it's very logical, how are you going to get something if you don't know what you want to achieve? Sit down, think and set your goals, but be realistic and set yourself feasible goals.

4. Find the influencers and create a community around the brand: do you remember when you were little when you played football at school and the best was always chosen first? In Social Media it is exactly the same: all brands want to have the best users playing on their team. Locate influence in your niche and establish a relationship with them, show them what you have to offer, and if it is good, they themselves will be in charge of helping you create a community.

5. Select your target and let them know you: our product or service must be focused on a type of user. Identify it and start interacting with all those who fit that profile, and, little by little, make yourself known by contributing valuable content with which you can engage your audience. Become visible, so visible that you are already familiar to them.

6. Launch your message in a simple way: users are not going to follow you because you throw them talk, but because they feel identified with the message you transmit. Users want to understand your message, they want to know clearly what you offer them, don't get tangled up in a speech that even you don't understand yourself.

7. Make a content plan: We already know that content is essential in any Social Media strategy. Plan in advance everything related to the content you are going to create / share by establishing the publication calendar, the editorial line, the tone to be used in the articles, the themes ... and stick to it.

8. Establish the channels and tools that you are going to use: analyze which are the best to launch your message and establish which are the tools that will help us to carry out our work. Use them to listen to your audience.

9. Analyze, analyze and analyze: every action has its consequences, and as professionals, we must know first hand what is the impact of our actions to improve our strategy.

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