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Social media or customer call?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Undoubtedly, one of the main priorities, if not the only one, of a brand that decides to make its foray into social media, is to increase its income and benefits in a different way than they used to seek that goal in the past.

Although before the brand directed all its efforts to carry out massive advertising campaigns with which to reach a large mass of customers, now these efforts are focused on other channels and are carried out in different ways.

Now brands and companies, as well as professionals who are working and selling their own personal brand, try to establish relationships with people who are no longer customers, but users, who use what we have to offer them while it is useful.

From customers to users. Only the change of nomenclature to address them gives us thinking.

If we consider that the times and the way of doing marketing has changed, it is not crazy to think that the needs of the clients or users have also changed, and that now it is not about selling a product, but of knowing the needs of these people and satisfy them in the best way.

Thus, brands are forced to know their users, to know first hand what their needs are and to evaluate how they can cover them.

The social media have made today much easier approach as marks customer a much more personal and close, creating conversations and building relationships with them, which allows us, as in every conversation, choose who we want and who is not interested in chatting, interacting, or what is the same, choosing our client, what we do using segmentation.

Social networks allow us to carry out marketing campaigns by personalizing our target a lot, analyzing the profile of each client-user and deciding if we are interested in addressing him or not, something that, a few years ago, was impossible to do or, if we could, needed A great economic investment.

The human, as we know, premium in Social Media, so it is essential to be able to connect well with that user to offer an impeccable user experience and to create engagement, which we will not achieve if it is not we who call him .

What do you think?

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