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Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign Management. What to know and how to do it?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

If you are planning to launch a new products using several different communication channels here, you may find ideas that will inspire you to create the next effective digital marketing campaign and help you to manage it successfully. Therefore – to generate awareness of your product and optimize your ROI.

An integrated digital marketing campaign can be compared with a machine with many pinions. The more elements it has, the better it performs. The better mechanic you are the better the machine works. Leaving aside the comparisons you have to be a really good project manager to create and manage a successful cross-channel integrated marketing campaign. And when we are talking about digital media everything happens in real time – immediate interaction and quick feedback from the target audiences. Below you will find several bullet points that will help you to compile everything in a systematized strategy.

1) Action plan – create the whole concept in advance. Imagine two possible scenarios for development of your campaign – positive and negative, and be prepared for both of them. Do a research of your competitors’ activities on each platform and try to focus on your competitive advantages?

2) Visual elements and content – define the campaign objectives and write your unique selling proposition. Choose the most relevant images to illustrate it. Focus on one message only otherwise the audience may get confused. Write instructions (brief) to each agency and subcontractor. Take some minutes and write step by-step directions. This will help you to coordinate and supervise the execution of your campaign.

An integrated marketing campaign can include everything: from producing a business card to branding an airplane. Referred to the digital communication you can build up your campaign by spreading your message across various media like informational or other type of web pages; independent blogs; social networks; trusted bloggers and content writers; banner ads or sponsored posts; Google Ad Words. The main important thing is to find reliable platforms and partners, synchronize the communication and adapt it to the environment. Use the functions of each social media to interact with the audiences.

3) Execution, coordination, supervision

Make a check list with everything that you should keep under control. Ensure that all media channels are synchronized and the campaigns are executed on-time. How many times have you seen ads of an expired event or out of stock items? Not cool, right? Ads that are still running after the end of a campaign could bring you more negative advertisement than benefits. Or other version – you are generating views on your web site, but the descriptive texts are not uploaded yet.

4) Post production actions When you are creating a campaign you do it because of a particular reason, right? In most of the cases it’s for profit. So play your cards well from the beginning of the game to the end. If you are organizing a “secret party”, do all the communication by teasing the potential visitors. Don’t tell them everything in advance. You will ruin the whole concept.

Revise the results and the ROI. Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Monitor the impact of your activities. What are your customers saying about you? How are your new clients responding to your communication. Track the performance of your digital campaign. There are many free tools that can help you do that – media monitoring applications, tools that locate and count clicks, programs that track key words and many more. You just have to set up what you want to measure.

5) Attracting and engaging the audience vs. spamming it Combine different media to achieve greater results. Attract the attention of your target audiences by finding the balance between engaging online versus becoming spammy. Referring again to the new marketing campaign of the Swedish Giant H&M you can find that they have own hash tags, not trendy ones. The frequency of the posts is not annoying. The press releases are following specific wording. The key images and messages are having custom branding. The official website is not promoting this campaign yet, but the marketers are maybe keeping some surprises for the subscribers.

6) Be a star of your Universe It’s very inspiring to read all those success stories of iconic brands with budgets with many zeroes. But how to proceed if you are a small sized business? Just be you. Even if you are small company you have your own clients and fans. You can communicate with them across multiple platforms that are free. You don’t have to be a global corporation to make people love your products. You just have to manage your campaigns well and give unique experience to your customers and they will love you.

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