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How to handle negative reviews to benefit our business?

It is clear that if we decide to make the leap to the two points it is because we have understood what it requires, the benefits and the possible problems that we can find. Many clients have told me that their main fear in social networks is to find criticisms and negative comments about their service or product, and that others see them.

Before opening a profile on Facebook or Twitter, we must be fully aware that it never rains to everyone's taste, and that we cannot like everyone. Surely someone finds some negative aspect to comment and share on social networks. But it is up to us to convert those criticisms for us and our brand.

We have to keep in mind that a badly managed negative comment can easily lead to a representational crisis, so before doing anything we must think very well about the strategy we are going to follow.

Obviously, you have to take the bull by the horns. We must take a deep breath, sit down and think: “OK. What has happened, why have they told me this and who has said it ? As we have said before, you can not like everyone, but we can choose how to deal with this issue in the best possible way so that we get reinforced. A good way to deal with an unfavorable comment is by attacking the content, of course, responding to that comment and arguing our response, but then you have to attack the content. Testimonials from satisfied users, reviews of products and services, articles and comments on social networks can serve to neutralize that bad comment.

Naturally, we must answer . If it is a troll, we should analyze the specific case, but, in principle, we have to answer. Users like that when we leave a negative comment we are given an explanation or an appropriate response, and if they do not, generally, the anger and discomfort that is created in us is greater, which, in turn, causes More problems for the brand.

Usually, the user likes to give his opinion, and if you want to know why he is not satisfied, you just have to ask . The truth is that it is not very common for users to leave comments of satisfaction, we usually express the opposite, except in the case of restaurants. We must never forget that a negative comment from a user gives us the opportunity to be better, to modify something that we thought was good. Feedback is important to improve our brand.

Therefore, it is not serious if someone leaves us negative reviews, but a touch of attention to keep in mind. It is only up to us to take advantage of it or not.

And you, how do you do it?

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