• Priyash Nigam

CRM Marketing To Improve the Relationship and Communication with Customer.

In today’s business, the strategy of marketing that needed is more than merely making an advertisement to advertise the product in the effort to increase the brand knowledge. In these recent trends, the marketing strategy that used needs to have more interaction or communication with the client or customer. This strategy that is called CRM marketing is intended to establish further relationship and communication with the customer. It is expected that the CRM marketing will be able to increase the brand knowledge and sales. This Customer Relationship Management will also help the company to recognize their potential customer.

This CRM marketing is done by the company by providing software, methodologies, and other else that able to manage the customer relationship to be organized. For the example of this CRM marketing methodologies, the company able to build database about their customer that will help company’s marketing division, management or salesperson to get information that can explain about the customer needs so that they will be easily to bring offers that is likely to be needed by the customer. When the company is having a further understanding about things that their customer needs, indirectly the company is making their own opportunities for their business

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