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6 Reasons Inbound Marketing Will Beat Traditional Advertising

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

When was the last time the phone book directed you to a business? When was the last time the phone book even crossed your mind (except for those nostalgia emails)?

Or how about this: the last time you heard an ad on the radio and said to yourself, “I need to write that phone number down and do business with that company!” While traditional advertising still plays a very strong role in Indian culture, small-to-medium businesses find themselves increasingly priced out of that world. But don’t fear.

It’s time to consider a new world. After all, you’re already part of it. If you haven’t looked at a phone book in years, you’re already taking part in this revolution. If your first attack on a question is to Google it, you’re on your way to a new world. The great news is that as a business owner, it’s a much lower cost than the old stand-by of buying a TV ad and hoping for the best. You can also measure success much more closely in this new world, and change your strategy as needed. It’s called Inbound Marketing

Picture the old way of doing business like this: You have a product or service. To get people to notice you, you take a bullhorn down to the public square and shout about it. Maybe you try to scare them into needing you, or you try to be funny or clever. But either way, you’re interrupting them. Maybe you walk into a home a dinner time (I would advise against this – it’s simply a metaphor) and tell people to stop what they’re doing and listen to you. This is called Outbound (or Interruptive) Marketing. TV commercials, billboards, newspaper ads (remember those?) and radio spots are all “traditional” methods. Even pay-per-click (PPC) ads and pop-ups on the Internet interrupt what you’re doing to get your attention. Instead, there’s a new way.

Inbound marketing and the next phase of marketing on the web includes a twist on these methods. Again, I’ll say this: traditional advertising and marketing is not dead. This is merely an addition and growing part of the marketing world. Back to my point: inbound marketing now includes things like a company blog where your business can offer material that can be educational (while not being only sales oriented) and entertaining. A blog should read conversationally. Other tools in your arsenal should include videos (YouTube), Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s look at the 6 reasons inbound marketing will win over traditional Marketing

1. Cost:

A radio campaign will cost thousands of dollars. A blog article with the right information only costs your time.

2. It’s where your audience is:

With DVR’s, iPods, Satellite radios, commercials are losing ground when it comes to our attention. Instead, people are on the Internet.

3. Trust:

Part of Inbound Marketing involves social media like Twitter and Facebook. Instead of trusting an ad agency to tell people what they need, people tend to trust their social circles at a much higher rate.

4. Mobile marketing:

Another benefit to Inbound marketing is the mobile aspect. More people in the world own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. Getting found on a search engine on a cell phone is becoming vital.

5. Control:

While you’re the client in a traditional advertising firm or PR house, you lose control of your product or service when it comes to the campaign. Inbound Marketing is all about you having control.

6. The future is now:

TV viewership is down. Newspapers are closing up shop. the old ways of doing business and getting attention are going the way of… well, of the newspaper. They’re dying. The time is now when it comes to search engine optimization and Inbound Marketing. It’s time to turn the old sales funnel on its head and offer people education rather than sales pitches.

If this sounds like common sense to you, you’re ready for Inbound Marketing. I firmly believe the time is now for this new world of marketing. When someone asks what the return on investment (ROI) of Twitter is, tell them we can finally measure something like that much more closely than we ever could with a billboard on a random highway. It’s a new world, and it’s exciting for businesses!

If you’re ready for this next marketing step, then may I make a suggestion? I suggest Bizmarketeer. The owners believe in this philosophy and practice it in their own lives. Plus the company offers a ton of free content to whet your whistle and teach you about Inbound marketing. Check out Bizmarketeer and its blog for great information. welcome to the new world!

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